360 Personnel

Permanent Recruitment

If you are in need of specific skills and qualifications and require a solution to your long-term talent needs, 360 Personnel is here to help.

Every business is different with its own unique requirements. Our recruitment team take the time to get to know your company to better understand the type of candidate that you are looking for. As specialists in the Sydney construction, manufacturing, transport & logistics recruitment markets, our vast talent pool and knowledge of the local market at your disposal, we can find the best employee for the role available.

Our service includes resume evaluations and applicant reviews from pre-screening through to the initial interview. Once we have a shortlist of the best talent, we arrange interviews with you. Unsuccessful candidates are also followed up after the interview process to ensure clear communication and a strong brand message.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your permanent recruitment requirements, contact one of our specialist permanent recruitment consultants.